Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's been foreverrrr

I haven't posted in quit sometime!! I have since had another baby!! A son!! He will be ONE this Friday!!! Since he was born I haven't had any time to do any sewing!!  I am missing it greatly.  I hope once I get school out of the way I can get back to what I love the most, other than my babies!!!  I am going to try to start posting more, however, it won't just be about quilting!!!!  Hope all is well your way!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flower's & Butterfly's

I found this wonderful fabric at my local quilt shop and just had to purchase it for my daughter. It has all of these wonderful sayings on it, such as
"May you always be true to yourself"
"May you grow up to be gentle and strong"

So I purchased the matching backing at another shop and quickly put it together for her.I sewed it together right sides together with batting and as you can see, I also put rick rack on along the edges. That was a somewhat of a daunting task but I did it!!
I quilted it on my machine! with flowers and butterflys!!!!

The Final Result!!!
One of many flowers!!
One of many butterfly's!!!!
They were the hardest!

Third Quilt - Patriotic!

Went to a quilt show with my mom and knew the one thing that I wanted to make more than anything else was a patriotic quilt for my hubby. He was in Haiti at the time and that made it even more special. Towards the end I was losing hope but then we walked into a booth and there it was on display with one bundle left - for ME!!!! I bought it on Saturday, started cutting, etc on Sunday and would you believe it I finished it on Tuesday. The top anyways...... I have yet to find something that I like for the back. I have faith that I will find what I am looking soon!!!!

Dora Pjs

I wanted to see how I would do sewing up soemthing for Abby so I started with PJs knowing that if I messed up no one would know but me! I did ok but not as well as I would have liked to. I plan to work on another pair soon.

Meet "Bella"

So while working on my nephew's tractor quilt I went out and purchased a new machine.
I got a Huqsvarna Viking Sapphire 835!!!
Silly I know but I named her "Bella."
No not Bella from Twight but after the store I purchased her from!

Second Quilt

My second quilt that I made was inspired by my nephew who LOVES tractors! I wanted to make him something special to treasure and hang on to yet it had to be for a boy! I found John Deere tractor quilt and knew right then what I was going to do. It had to be simple since this is the first one that I have completely done!! It started out queen size - yeah I went big! - but after doing some free motion quilting and not to confident about what I had done I made it smaller. It is actually better this way since now he can carry it to daycare for his naps. I am also getting ready to take what I cut off and make him a matching pillow case/sham, we will have to see how that works out!

First Quilt - Status: Still in progress

The first quilt I attemped to make was a Wash Tub Scrappy last October. My mom and I went to a local quilt shop and signed up for class and after two saturdays we were hooked but the Holidays snuck up on us and we have yet to return or finish! All the squares are completed just need to get it together!!